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For Referees

For Referees:

The final result of the scientific work depends on the arbitration process. This process should be carried out entirely on the principle of secrecy.

  • Articles approved by the editorship system are sent two judges over the same system.
  • Referees transfer their reports to the editorial system by blind evaluation.


Referees submitted by the editor:

1) The structural and logical integrity of the work,

2) The title, subheading and content compatibility of the article,

3) The suitability of the work in terms of language and expression,

4) Whether the abstract of the study includes the purpose, methods and results,

5) Whether the English abstract study includes the purpose, method and results,

6) The suitability of the method used,

7) Scientific presentation and discussion of the results and discussion,

8) The significance of the suggestions and evaluations, their validity,

9) The adequacy of charts, figures and visuals,

10) The use of resources and the relevant literature updated,

11) Evaluates the authenticity of the work and whether it contributes to the field of interest as being adequate / inadequate.

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