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Volume 1 Issue 1 (December 2019)

Original Articles

Teaching Turkish to Foreıgners: Suggestions For Basic Level Text and Activities on the Teaching of Past Tense

Mesut Gün & İsmail Demirtaş

pp. 1 - 25   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijler.2019.233.1


While teaching Turkish to foreigners, besides listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, grammar should also be taught. One of the grammar subjects taught is past time teaching. In our study, it is aimed to include text-supported activity suggestions to provide past-time teaching at a basic level. The past tense subject included in the Turkish curriculum has not been sufficiently processed in teaching sets, source books and listening activities. In the teaching of the past tense, there are deficiencies in methods, techniques and texts. In order to address these shortcomings, which were thought to exist in the context of teaching past times with text and activities, and to make a contribution to the field, scanning studies were conducted on the Internet, articles and teaching sets. In this study, by using qualitative research method, firstly literature review was made and data were reached, then documentary scanning technique was used. As a result of the research, it is determined that different text types are needed for the past time teaching, in order to contribute to the teaching of past tenses, different kinds of text samples and activity proposals were designed. It is thought that the study will contribute to the teachers working in the field of teaching Turkish to Foreigners in terms of material.

Keywords: Texts, Past Tense Teaching, Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language, Method.

An Evaluation of Grammar Sections of İstanbul Basic Level Teaching Turkish to Foreigners Textbook

Lokman Tanrıkulu & M. Naz Akgül

pp. 26 - 43   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijler.2019.233.2


Textbooks are among the main course materials in developing basic language skills in foreign language teaching. The textbooks prepared for teaching Turkish as a foreign language include activities for reading, listening, speaking, writing and grammar. Grammar teaching is an area of skill that we must emphasize in terms of communication and influencing all skills. Making grammatical errors and misuse of suffixes causes meaning changes, communication disorders and misunderstandings. Grammar learning should be completed by using different methods rather than a single method in grammar teaching. In this article, grammar expression and exercises of Istanbul book used to teach Turkish to foreigners are examined considering the importance of grammar teaching. Document analysis technique was used in examining the Turkish teaching book for foreigners named İstanbul. In the book on teaching Turkish to foreigners named Istanbul, grammar exercises examining considered and positive and negative aspects of their activities are examined. Quality is important in activities, not quantity. It should be looked at how much it teaches the subject, not the number of activities. When preparing grammar activities in the books, instead of teaching only grammar, the grammarshould be taught along with four other skills. In the same way, even if the subject of grammar will not be taught, grammar should be mentioned when trying to acquire four skills.

Keywords: Teaching Turkish to Foreigners, Grammar, Basic Level, Istanbul Book.

The Woman Personality of an Iraqi Novel (Saturn Ladies) Specimen

Salwa Jarjees Salman & Asmaa Bakr Khuder

pp. 44 - 55   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijler.2019.233.3


In this case, I have to emphasize that the novel (Saturn ladies). It’s about people and their city, and this what where the writer and literary literature are interesting people in the city of Baghdad, and focused on women and offered us through narration, different women’s figures, floating their roles in the novel as circumstances are varied Iraqi women realism, we find a strong deal and be a center for an event , and another is an aligned victim , as she pointed to the man without an actual role, as if she want to say that the man in Iraqi women’s life Iraq on the pointed to the margin do not desire from them but because of the circumstance he is absent for several reasons (immigration, prison, death). The research got up at the entrance and the three subjects, we discussed in the first topic the female personality and its dimensions, and we discussed in the second topic the type of female personality, while the third topic was about ways to introduce the personality and we added the research with a conclusion that included the most important results, including :that the writer succeeded in showing clear dimensions of her characters and making a realistic image of Iraqi women through important periods in the history of Iraq, as well as that these personalities were embodied in the image of an educated person conscious of her responsibilities, strong

Keywords: Woman personality, Saturn Ladies, Iraqi Novel.

Poeticalness of Repetition: Whines of Spirit Revealed in Mahmood Darwish’s Poem (Eleven Planets on the Andalusian Scene)

Salwa Jarjees Salman

pp. 56 - 64   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijler.2019.233.4


This paper tries to convey the poeticalness of repetition: whines of spirit revealed in Mahmood Darwish’s poem (Eleven Planets on the Andalusian Scene). By poeticalness of repetition is meant the aesthetic features of repetition depending on all the different kinds of repetition included in a poem or certain poetic set. The paper contributes to defining the poeticalness of repetition and decides its kinds in the poem aforementioned. However, among the concluding remarks arrived at through this paper are: repetition is basically a rhythmic stylistic phenomenon rather than a technique the poet depends on to express his/her self chills in order to highlight and strengthen the concept he wants to convey to the addressee.

Keywords: Mahmood Darwish’s Poem, Poeticalness, Repetition.

Developing Rational Thinking Through Modern or Contemporary Drama in English Literature

Yousif Khorsheed Saeed

pp. 65 - 75   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijler.2019.233.5


This research paper discusses how rational thinking in terms of English Literature could be developed or enhanced through modern and contemporary drama. This research paper consists of the presentation to point out the areas of English Literature in which rational thinking can be developed by means of modern or contemporary drama. It also points out how literature can be used as an instrument for vocabulary build up and individual personality development. It throws light upon and draws attention to the deeds done by People in political power or those in administration Modern or contemporary Drama can alter whatever people or masses needed to change. Education has the same capacity. The imparting of the content matter of English literature through Modern or Contemporary drama keeps the population informed of the social and political issues, through the performances of these drama the people can handle problems. They can easily face challenges and develop a logical way of reacting. The masses seem empowered and aware which makes it easy to convey and implement. Modern and Contemporary drama has potential in English Literature since it reaches the masses through a convenient and conducive way. This research paper intends to interweave together all the features of rational thinking skills, Modern and contemporary drama in the light of English Literature.

Keywords: English Literature, Rational Thinking, Education, Modern Drama, and Contemporary Drama.