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Volume 4 Issue 1 (April 2022)

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Turkish Teacher Candidates' Perception of New Media: A Metaphor Analysis

Hatice Erden & Yusuf Mete ELKIRAN

pp. 1 - 22


This study was conducted to reveal the metaphors that Turkish teacher candidates have about the concept of 'new media'. The study group of the research consists of 52 pre-service Turkish language teachers studying in the Turkish language teaching department of a state university in western Turkey in the autumn term of the academic year 2022-2023. The data of the study were obtained from the texts written by the prospective Turkish teachers in order to complete the statement given as 'New media is like ... because ...'. In this study, phenomenological design, one of the qualitative research designs, was used. The data obtained from the answers given by the participants were analysed by content analysis technique. According to the findings of the study, 44 different metaphors were produced. These metaphors were then categorised under five different sub-categories. Among these categories, 'new media in terms of basic needs' and 'new media in terms of providing information and communication' were the categories that produced the most metaphors in line with the responses of more than half of the participants.

Keywords: Turkish Teacher Candidate, New Media, Metaphor

Turkish Teachers' Views On Cyberbullying

Serap Akay

pp. 23 - 41


The aim of this research is to determine the opinions of Turkish teachers about cyberbullying. The study group of the research consists of Turkish teachers selected by random sampling, who are studying in a Turkish and Social Sciences Department Turkish Teaching master's program in a state university. The case study design, which is one of the qualitative research designs, was used in the research. In order to analyze the data of the research, descriptive analysis method, one of the qualitative analysis methods, was used. A semi-structured interview form was used to collect the data of the research. In order to increase the validity and reliability of the research, direct quotations were made from the opinions of Turkish teachers about cyberbullying. According to the results of the research, it was seen that Turkish teachers have general knowledge about cyberbullying. It was stated that legal sanctions should be applied to detect and prevent cyberbullying. The Turkish teachers participating in the research stated that the school and family should cooperate in order to combat cyberbullying.

Keywords: Siber zorbalık, Türkçe eğitimi, lisansüstü eğitim, bilgi teknolojileri